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real estate CONSULTING-MANAGEMENT & development

Financial institutesthat provided financing to builders for land purchases can find themselves in possession of that land.  Regal Development can assess the land's value, consult on the development process and ready the land to sell to another builder or developer. Perhaps the highest value to the financial institute is achieved through development of the property. On a fee basis, we can serve you as developer, structure a transaction with a builder, finish the lots and deliver the maximum financial return to the bank.

As builders
with limited staff or overworked personnel, as well as other industry professionals looking to outsource the needed expertise and manpower, they need development knowledge and skills. As builders for many years, Regal Development is available to assist in moving your project forward and will deliver results in a quick, efficient, thorough, and professional manner

Land owner, partnershipsw
ith land who need help assessing its value, increasing its value and achieving a sale (of either a raw parcel or finished lots) look to Regal Development thoroughly professional guidance.

Land development involves purchasing land, deciding what it will be used for, and obtaining permits and licenses, all before construction. At Regal Development, we are proud to offer both land-development services and land-development consulting for those looking to invest in real estate. We will inspect the land, provide a construction cost estimate, and will make sure the project will meet your needs, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing real estate.

We work with you to fully understand all aspects of your real estate development needs. From site evaluation to navigating city approvals to securing financing, our team of experienced real estate developers is with you from project inception to completion. Along the way, you receive a deep level of experience in all real estate development disciplines across multiple sectors

We manage complexity on your behalf. As an integrated company, we can handle complicated land transactions, secure financial partners and overcome design and construction challenges. In-house experts work as one team to identify the right solutions, so your investment achieves your vision and suits your business needs.

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