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Regal Development and it’s sister companyRegal Homes, are engaged in the business of developing and building high quality, residential housing in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. We are constantly seeking new opportunities and properties to fit the need of our investors and to provide new development for modern living units that meet current market demands. We understand selling land can be a complicated process. Regal Homes and Regal Development is here to make the adventure easier.

Why Sell?
There are many reasons to sell your land. People are always searching for financing to put towards other investments. Alternatively, you could just be looking to maximize the value of your land. For example, successfully subdividing your land into multiple residential lots can have many benefits, including increased profits.

The Process
If you have land, Regal Homes and Regal Development is glad to walk you through the process, whether you are ready to sell now or later. Our established track record ensures you that we use first class land planners, engineers, and construction personnel to smoothly guide you through the development process. Contact (hyperlink) us today to speak with the Regal Homes and Regal Development staff about your available options, or call us at (703) 898 4848