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Regal Development builds sites from clearing to pavement striping. One of the many values we add is that as earthwork is performed, subgrade can be prepared in stages. Stone can then be placed in phases to protect paving subgrade from damage by weather and other construction trades. We perform land clearing on sites that range from less than 1 acre to community construction projects of over 150 acres. Regal Development has multiple relationships with reputable, quality timber logging operations and land clearing subcontractors in the region. Most clearing debris is now ground and recycled to promote better air quality.




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Regal Development installs and maintains new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines and sewer manholes. Our team has experience in residential and commercial sewer installation. We install main water distribution lines, service lines, water meters, fire hydrants, and irrigation systems. We provide complete underground pipeline installation and construction services that are proven to reduce project development time and cost. We have successfully installed hard and soft copper lines, ductile iron pipe (DIP), concrete mortar-lined and coated (CML&C) pipe, and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, for new developments. Regal Development also performs hydrostatic pressure tests to ensure public safety

Regal Development possess expertise experience in the field of handling and installing storm drain systems. Our experience encompasses storm drain pipes, manholes, curb inlets, outlet structures, box culverts, storm water chambers, retention and detention systems, transition and other specialty concrete structures, bio swales, energy dissipaters, head walls, and rip rap used to armor streambeds. Regal Development has installed all types of storm drain pipe ranging in size from 4-inches to 114-inches in diameter. 
These types of drainage systems include reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), corrugated metal pipe (CMP), cast iron pipe (CIP), and ductile iron pipe (DIP). We have been directly involved with moving small to massive amounts of storm water runoff away from streets, buildings, and populated areas, in compliance with state and city guidelines.

Regal Development prepares road construction plans for private and public roads. Our team is involved in every aspect of road establishment, from the early design stages to final construction. We use soil cement treatments for road beds to ensure long lasting roadways. Underground utilities are constructed prior to road establishment. Regal Development coordinates with utility companies to extend electricity and gas lines within the roadbed. Street lights and street trees are designed and installed as final stage to road establishment.


 Regal Development understands the importance of preserving and creating healthy ecosystems, protecting human and environmental health, and reducing air, water and land pollution. We
are experienced in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, construction, and maintenance of constructed and natural wetlands. We design innovative strategies for today’s stormwater and drainage solutions by including green design elements such as bioswales and rain gardens to enhance the aesthetics of a site while providing important stormwater management.