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Due Diligence/Feasibility Analysis
Regal Development understands the starting steps before purchasing property and breaking ground, which could mean the difference between a project’s success or failure. Weighing important site selection factors like hard and soft costs, scheduling and identifying any risks or obstacles early on will save time and money from inception through the regulatory approval. Our objective is to maximize the value added during the feasibility period. We compile thorough, accurate, and detailed summaries of project findings in a timely manner. We identify and assess potential development risks, provide recommendations and create feasible timelines to resolve any potential issues that arise during land and property acquisition.

Strategic Planning
Land development requires engineering services that are economical, practical and compliant with regulatory requirements. Regal Development is structured to service both large and small development projects. Each project begins with careful due diligence and planning followed with practical and cost effective design solutions. Regal Development will utilize their broad networks of engineers, architects, land use attorneys, and other contacts to ensure a quality and successful project is created.

We understand that time is money, therefore our working relationships with county officials and authorities facilitates timely permits approval. Our team is experienced in providing expert planning as well as offer the following services to our clients in Commercial and Residential development:

  • Site selection
  • Feasibility studies for new acquisitions
  • Land planning and engineering consultation
  • Estimating and bidding
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Permitting
  • Infrastructure improvements and construction
  • Development management
  • On-Site Field Management and Project Closeouts